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      Anger and resentment follow Otis Washington out of prison after spending eighteen years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. Two days later the judge that sentenced him is found shot to death on his party barge on the Blackwater Bay. Was it a revenge murder? 
      Lieutenant Nick Melino of the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office, believes Otis was framed and pledges to help clear his name. A web of deception reveals several other suspects have their own reason to kill the judge, including an ambitious State Attorney, a low-life twin brother, and a Ponzi schemer.
      Melino, determined to bring justice, follows the clues and his own intuition to unravel a drug trail, a case of mistaken identity, and a fraudulent investment company that leads to the acquittal of a man who should never have been accused in the first place.

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Welcome to my website. I reside in Milton, Florida, with my husband Al. We have one married son and two grandsons who live in Maine-a long way from their grandma and grandpa. 

 As an elementary school teacher, my passion is teaching young children how to write creatively. I believe reading and writing go hand-in-hand. If a child can write, he can read.

 I’m a founding member of the Panhandle Writers Group and with their support and motivation for the past five years, I’ve written several short stories, essays and two novels. Since I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, my writing often reflects my heritage.

 “Summer Guest”, is a romance between a wounded American veteran and a feisty, determined Canadian fighting to save her family from financial ruin.

 “Helena:Unwavering Courage”, is a true story of my widowed grandmother’s struggle to raise five children on her own. Both books are available on Amazon.com.

"Southern Sage"-The Honorable Woodrow Melvin is a biography of my husband's uncle who was one of the most respected and wise judges in Florida. Starting as a small town lawyer he retired as a judge on the Appellate  Court.

"Death Behind the Dunes" is a murder mystery set on the coast of northwest Florida. A high school reunion ends in tragedy when one of its former pupils is found dead behind a dune. The investigating Lieutenant,also a former graduate must find the killer of the woman he once loved.

"Death Beyond the Breakers" --  A dead body is discovered in a shrimpboats trolling net. Was the victim murdered by drug runners? Was he on an oil company's hit list, or did the man die of natural causes? Mystery with a hint of romance.

"Death on Blackwater Bay" -- A judge is murdered, and suspicion falls on an ex-con, an innocent man recently released from prison, sent there by the judge eighteen years ago. Can the cop who believes in him prove his innocence?

All of my novels may be found on Amazon.com

A menu of short stories is available to read online.

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